2010/11 Practice Times & Locations

Fall 2019 Season

How to Read the Practice Schedule

First, find your child’s coach.

In bold type, under each coach’s name, are your child’s practice times during the week and on Saturday morning. Since we have practices at both Point Mallard (PM) and Jack Allen (JA), the field numbers where you will practice are also listed. You can find out which facility we are using each week by referring to the Calendar link above.

Note: When we meet at Jack Allen, U5/U6/U8 fields are on the middle level as designated by the “M” preceding the field number.

Coach Putman

Tuesday/Thursday | 5:45pm | PM Field 11E/JA Field 22
Saturday | 9am | PM Field 11E/JA Field 22

Coach Castillo

Tuesday/Thursday | 5:45pm | PM Field 13W/JA Field 24
Saturday | 10am |  PM Field 13W/JA Field 24

Coach Haynes

Tuesday/Thursday | 5:45pm | PM Field 13E/JA Field 23
Saturday | 9am | PM Field 13E/JA Field 23

Coach Paul

Tuesday/Thursday | 5:45pm | PM Field 11W/JA Field 25
Saturday | 9am | PM Field 11W/JA Field 25