About Us

DYSA Board of Directors
Decatur Soccer (DYSA) is a recreational soccer league located in Decatur, Alabama. The league was formed in 1994 and since has been committed to introducing the basics of soccer to Decatur’s youth. Our league currently offers age divisions U5 through U15.

What is Recreational Soccer?

Definition of Recreational Soccer:
Is that soccer program that is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on travel or high level competition. The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a life long love of the game.

The 3 Objectives of Decatur Soccer:

Fun! It is critical that players involved in youth soccer enjoy the game in which they are playing. If the organization is able to instill a passion and enjoyment in the game then half the battle is already one. This also relates very closely to how players perceive their coach(es) and their interaction with them. One of the main reasons players under 12 decide not to continue is that they no longer are enjoying the game, it has become work.

Development: A necessary element to support fun, without it training and games get stale because there is no improvement.

Life skills: In our case through the sport of soccer


Our Current Board of Directors:

Daniel Burnes • President
Ramon Delgado • Vice President
Andrea Robertson • Registrar
Vacant • Assistant Registrar
Jason Spivey • Treasurer
Scott Sandlin • Director of Coaching
Lorrianne Curtis • Marketing & Communications
Jon & Jennifer Wingo • Referee Coordinators
Michelle Hoffman • Uniform Coordinator