Coach Education

Links & Resources
Long Term Athlete Development – more details of the specific work of Istvan Balyi. “It takes 10 years of extensive training to excel in anything.”
Drills vs. Games – details Soccer games should present children with opportunities to solve problems and to think for themselves.
Let the Kids Play! – surveys of young players over the last few years have shown that the primary reason for players under 12 dropping out of soccer is that they were not having fun. The secondary reason is that they do not like their coaches.
Using Guided Discovery With Your Teams – coaches using questions instead of statements to teach players to make decisions and solve problems.
US Youth Soccer U6-U8 Practice Activities

  • Provides a list of varying characteristics of Under-6 and Under-8 players in regards to sports.
  • How to play Small-Sided Games with “large” rosters.
  • Activities focus on individual soccer skills that build on one another.
US Youth Soccer U-10 Practice Activities

  • Provides a list of characteristics of Under-10 players.
  • Advice on how to connect with the youth athlete.
US Youth Soccer U-12 Practice Activities

  • Information on inserting tactics into training.
  • Activities geared toward development and decision-making.